sTAY hEALTHY with Walker and Associates

Healthy Plans

With over 30 years of consulting and service experience in the health care marketplace, we can provide the innovation needed to meet trends, keep you in compliance with evolving regulation and bring you new technologies that will make your employee benefits the best they can be at a price you can afford. Whether you are a small business owner or a large public entity, we can address the needs of your organization with direct and measurable results.

Healthy Groups  

Through wellness program development and implementation we can guide your group plan participants to explore healthy options. With annual health risk assessments, quarterly screenings, biometrics and on-going healthy counseling and activities, participants receive a larger view of health and wellness. Personal responsibility is key when it comes to health and we help you make it fun and beneficial to participate. 

Healthy Employees

With our knowledge of implementing and maintaining on site clinics for our clients we have reduced the need for employees to be away from work and have made it accessible to receive routine care at wholesale pricing including prescriptions. When it comes to your employee benefits and where you want to go, Walker and Associates is the right partner to get you there.